Comfort Blanket

for our planet


Comfort blanket for our planet

People from different backgrounds and nationalities can, even without knowing each other, realise a successful project.
That was my message to the decision makers at COP26 with the Comfort blanket for our planet.
A colourful comfort blanket, of almost 3000 patches, made by people from 22 countries across 4 continents.
I started the project after watching “A Life On Our Planet” by David Attenborough.
It made me so sad that I wanted to do something positive to get rid of that feeling. Like the documentary, which states that we can still save the climate if people join forces together, this project carries the same symbolical message.
I asked people to contribute a patch of 10×10 cm, which I then incorporated into the blanket.

The project was extremely successful

Within a year the blanket had grown to the size of 7 by 4 metres large.
In November I brought the blanket to COP26 in Glasgow, by bicycle.
The Vice President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, invited me to display the blanket at the EU pavilion at COP26 to highlight the concern of the common people about climate change. Stella Brozek-Everaert of EU Climate Pact and Global Climate was very impressed by this “Amazing project” and called it “a clear signal something has to be done”.
An awesome end to a unique expedition. And convincing evidence that individuals can indeed make a difference. See also the documentary ‘Climate hero in heels’. [Click here]

Inspired by the power of this unique collaboration, the story of the blanket is now told by means of the new foundation Comfort Blanket for our Planet. The aim: to support sustainable projects all across* the world, where possible.
[*DAC landen]