Comfortblanket for our planet


17 goals for a better world

All projects supported by Comfort Blanket for our Planet contribute to the realisation of Sustainable Development Goals – [SDG’s] In 2015 these Sustainable Development Goals were adopted by all member states of the United Nations. It is a to-do list for the world; 17 goals for a sustainable and honest world in 2030.


Wilde Ganzen

The next step in the collaboration with Wilde Ganzen and Shabani Social Progress Initiative (SSPI) has been taken. Wilde Ganzen likes to support our project.

Collaborating is not something you do alone. Wilde Ganzen works with go-getters who want to make the world a little more beautiful with their project. They do this, among other things, by making one and a half euros of every euro that is collected.

Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week

We are Gijsje van Bakel founder of the foundation and Stephanie Willems from the clothing brand Stephastique. During the weekend of the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week 2023 (7 or 8 October) we are organizing an event with sustainable fashion makers. Called Fair Fashion Party. It concerns a fashion show, bazaar, auction, lectures and workshops with the theme of sustainable fashion. If you are interested in participating let us know.

Stephanie is the face behind Stephastique. A brand that produces sustainable handmade and custom made clothing in Maurik, the Netherlands. She is inspired by experimenting with existing garments and materials. And likes to share her passion for sustainable fashion. Stephastique emphasizes individuality and uniqueness with distinct and eclectic clothing.

Event cancelled

Kick Ass Quilts

Because we can achieve more together, we have partnered with Rianne Doller from Kick Ass Quilts.

From March 2022 to September 2022, Kick Ass Quilts gave online lessons in ‘Sustainable Quilting’ to a group of 15 young people at the Nakivale refugee settlement in Uganda. This in collaboration with the local organization the ‘Shabani Social Project Initiative’ (SSPI).

Since we both work with and for the SSPI, this collaboration is an enrichment for the Foundation. Societies Trash will be our Treasure