Progress photos


New entrance
The shop
Making the sign ‘SSPI’ ouit of plastic waste
What is pushing me to decorate and paint the SSPI walls in “Knitting and quilting as art” is for me a way of being fun and creative and in additional to this, I am seeing that knitting and quilting is also an excellent remedy against anxiety, stress and depression. As we live in a community full of inner wounds from the lost of family members, dignity after being forced to flee from their homelands. I think creating a therapeutic center from the power of knitting and quilting paintings is crucial in promoting wellness by reducing stress, enhance strong social bonds and increase feelings of usefulness.

Moise Sarick

Expansion of the site. In the middle you see the former entrance to the SSPI. In the back you can see the new entrance.
Land tilled for growing food
A lot of work to be done
The making of school uniforms for the children. 
The toilets are in use now
Building the textile workspace
The workshop and office space now equipped with metal doors.