Shabani Social Progress Initiative



In Uganda, on the border with Tanzania, is the Nakivale Refugee Settlement. About 145,000 people live in this refugee camp. They have fled conflicts in countries such as Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Most people have been living here for years and refugees are still arriving every day.

Less and less work in agriculture and fisheries

Most refugees depend on agriculture and fishing for their income. Due to all kinds of problems, there is less and less work to be found. Due to drought and pollution, fish stocks are decreasing and there is less yield from agriculture. An additional problem is that grain prices have risen sharply due to the war in Ukraine.

Furaha Mahamba Iguette teacher at SSPI – center

Refugees take action themselves

Refugees in the camp founded the organization Shabani Social Progress Initiative. Together with the Comfortblanket for our Planet foundation, these residents of the camp want to set up a studio where there is room for work and education. The idea is to recycle the large amount of waste in the camp to make new products.
For example, you can make new clothes from second-hand textile.

With this project, they not only help refugees with work and an income, it also ensures a better environment and more awareness among the residents of the camp about waste and the possibilities of recycling.

Will you help? With your donation, a new studio will be built with an office and two toilets.