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To give the SSPI the chance to start sustainable projects with local people, to re-use textiles, outside support is needed. Namely financial support to help.

Stichting Comfortblanket for our planet

IBAN: NL61 ABNA 0112 7965 91

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RSIN: 864056023

Address: Hulstlaan 40, 5616PM Eindhoven

Kahambu Clarice and Jean-Mathieu at the SSPI – center in front of a wall made out of plastic bottles.

For the second part of the project, we are seeking funding for:
– Workshop equipment: Purchase sewing and knitting machines;
– Furnishing of the office;
– Well-being organization construction of the internet for teaching staff.

The first part of the project has been completed! Thanks to the support of our donors, we have raised €13,145, with which the SSPI has been able to achieve the following:
– extension site
– building a fence and shop
– building a workspace and office
– building two toilets


Would you like to support us? You can make a donation. In that way you can support our work and our project. Half of every donation will be matched by Wilde Ganzen.